About OpenSim Life

What is OSL all about and the OSL Team?

OpenSim Life was started as a personal project to fill a perceived gap in the Opensimulator community.

I saw a need for someplace that was all about the people, the social interaction, family and friends.

We will never be about what you can get or what you have either virtual or real.

What you can DO, and do with friends, is what we are all about.

Our motto is "Social NOT Stuff", which in essence means, we focus on the people and the relationships not who has the biggest inventory.

We want people to come here, who want friends, who want a family, who want to be here for the people.

We don't discriminate, all types of people and avatars are welcome, as long as you respect the same in others.

OSL is not here for the money or to make somebody rich, it is a project of passion.

We do occasionally rent regions, but, we do prefer you be here for a while and become part of the family.  If you are interested in a region contact Bill Blight in world or email us.

We would love to have you as part of the family, or you can visit us from the hypergrid @ grid.opensim.life:8002

Bill Blight, Founder of OpenSim Life, ~nuff said

Bill Blight
Bill Blight/ Owner, Uber Geek & Boss /
Bill Blight
Bill Blight/ Owner, Uber Geek & Boss /
OSL is my passion and my life. OpenSim Life, is about people, it is about friends and family. We live by the motto "Social NOT Stuff". We welcome everyone who wants to be part of the family.

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